Fossils From Sharktooth Hill Bone Bed, Kern County, California

Carcharoles megalodon "meg" giant shark teeth

Here are three screen captures of huge Carcharoles megalodon ("meg"--likely grew to 50 feet in length) shark teeth I edited and processed through photoshop, all taken from a specific video episode of "California's Gold"--a long-running (early 1990s to 2012) PBS program hosted by the late Huell Howser--about the Sharktooth Hill Bone Bed, middle Miocene Round Mountain Silt Member of the Temblor Formation (roughly 16 to 15 million years old); originally telecast on November 8, 2006. The "meg" specimens reside in world-famous Buena Vista Museum Of Natural History in Bakersfield, California, only a few miles from the Sharktooth Hill diggings. Image at bottom depicts a reconstruction of the "meg's" monstrous mouth, lined with outrageously large teeth that envelope a modern-day shark for scale. Click Here to watch in its entirety the Huell Howser "California's Gold" episode about Sharktooth Hill.

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